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I'm having trouble deciding on a setting for my character, Laura Lamia - should her comic adventures be based in the present day or in Ancient Greece?


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I've wanted to create a comic series of my character Laura for years now - about as far back, maybe even further, since I first started posting here. She's a special little soul to me, as are all my characters in their own way, and I've drawn her often enough in stand-alone images to want to put her into a proper story and to bring out more of her personality.
But to be honest, I've also found her to be the hardest character to get right, so far as comic book-type adventures are concerned. With other creations like "The Trio", they can be placed pretty much anywhere. But with Laura, I really can't seem to decide when and where to set her world or what stories I really want to tell. So many scripts have been rewritten so often behind the scenes, I fear that I may lose motivation if I can't choose one idea and stick to it :(

For a long time now, my original outline for Laura's story had been this;

Born in Ancient Greece, Laura takes a very long nap in a cave, and reawakens centuries later in the present - her cave now based near a village in the British Countryside known as "Bloomsdale", which has become a blackspot for rabbit infestations. The villagers are terrified when they first see Laura. But when they realise that she only eats rabbits, they have a change of heart and allow her to stay, making her their official "pest control".
What none of them realise is that with Laura's awakening, her presence begins to attract other mythical creatures hidden away in that piece of country - creatures more dangerous / annoying than lamias.

The rest of the stories would revolve around Laura trying to adjust to modern day conveniences (ipods, computers, television) whilst the various mythical beasts drawn by her unknown forces (witches, satyrs, goblins) cause new problems in the village of Bloomsdale.

But only recently, I've come to the conclusion that the whole "outsider-from-another-time-adjusting-to-modern-day-shenanigans" schtick has been done over and over in many different forms. In particular, I fear that folks may start comparing my idea to the recent "Star and the Forces of Evil" :fear:

So I've had a rethink, and am considering basing Laura's adventures in Ancient Greece itself, which would see Laura coming across various monsters and heroes of Greek Mythology. All character-driven humour. No complex, ongoing-arcs or deep character developments to worry over.
That, and it'd finally give me a legit reason for her and Boanna to feature side by side :P

Part of the inspiration for this new idea came from stumbling across the various Harvey Comics over from the states - those old comic books featuring the Famous Studios characters (Casper, Little Audrey, Baby Huey). I've not been that big a fan of the animated shorts themselves, but after reading several comics online from various sources, I've come to truly appreciate the artwork and imagination that went into these, where pretty much magic and fantasy was key (characters like Hot Stuff and Stumbo are good examples) as opposed to all the tear-jerking dramas that seem to be dominating animation nowadays - Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe...the list goes on.

At this point, I would ask y'all of which of the two ideas has more potential? Would a character like Laura be suitable for today's audiences? Or what ideas or suggestions would be useful? But I think the best option I have now is to just "wing it" with whatever I feel best with and see what happens. As you can tell, I've stalled long enough... ^^;

But don't be shy in dishing out your two cents on this journal. If it's more than once sentence / word, of course ;P
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