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Boanna June 2017 by qwertypictures
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Recently I got tagg'd by :iconraygirl: to do this - so here it is! Any excuse to refresh my memory of my own characters :D


1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about 
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.


8 Facts about Laura

Laura Hug March 2017 by qwertypictures

1. Laura is one of the few lamias in the world who does not, never has or ever will eat people; she never had any interest in them as food, even as a "snakelet".  She much prefers small game (rabbits a particular delicacy). But she also eats fruit, vegetables, even home-cooked meals when offered - she's willing to try anything once!

2. Because Laura doesn't eat anything larger than her head, she never needs to unhinge her jaw. Truthfully, she finds the idea of doing so pretty gross...

3. When she's not hunting them, Laura also has the ability to talk to animals - whether it's helping them with a problem or engaging in friendly chit-chat. Though she makes sure not to talk to any small game whilst hunting, otherwise she'd never get anything to eat!

4. Very little can actually upset Laura, although she can be sensitive when people constantly call her a NAGA, which are totally different beasts. It's like assuming that all Anime is the same :P

For a more detailed answer, click here to check this page out.

5. Laura loves to sing whenever the mood takes her, but when she does it has the strange affect of putting any males close by in a sort of trance, similar to how mermaids sing. Not even Laura knows why...

6. Laura is very outgoing and optimist. She travels a lot, exploring new lands and meeting new faces, so she doesn't really have a proper home to call her own. However, she finds no greater joy than by making others feel happy. Just be careful when she offers you a hug - she doesn't know her own strength!

7. Laura is non-venomous as her species of Lamia is based on two types of snake - grass and smooth green. She find fangs pretty cute, though.

8. Don't let her massive blonde hair fool you. Laura might be naive, but she isn't stupid. She can be very resourceful / persuasive depending on the situation at hand.


Whoop! Got tagged by :iconixentrick: now!

8 Facts about Boanna

Layered Bed by qwertypictures

1. As her name suggests, yes, Boanna's species is based on a boa constrictor. Not to be confused by Disney's Moana :P

2. She and Laura become friends based on the fact that neither of them wants to eat people. But Boanna goes one step further by being a vegetarian. In fact, it was thanks to Boanna that Laura found varied tastes through fruit and vegetables!

3. Another reason Boanna doesn't hunt animals or people is because she's pretty lazy. She didn't have the hunting instinct to begin with as a "snakelet", and now just wants to enjoy life as laid-back as possible - mainly by eating and / or sleeping.

4. Boanna is well aware that she's attractive, and is never shy in flaunting herself - but she'll also inspire and encourage others to feel good about themselves, too.

5. Boanna is a few years older than Laura (not saying how old 'cos it would be impolite!) yet she isn't as well-travelled as her. But this is useful as, no matter how far Laura roams by herself, she's always able to find Boanna easily based on the last place she'll choose to nap / eat.

6. Boanna's favourite things to eat are watermelons, mangoes, apple pies, veggie cannellonis and baguette sandwiches. Naturally, all in vast quantities.

7. Despite being rather lax, Boanna is still very, very strong. She only uses her strength in dire situations, though - most of the time, she saves her energy for tree climbing on a good, solid branch to sleep out of the way.

8. Boanna was originally going to be a separate "pin-up" character (like so many on this website :P) but I was honestly stuck on what to do with her. It was only when jbwarner86 suggested pairing her up with Laura that I found a new source of inspiration. Once I started sketching out ideas featuring Laura and Boanna together, I've gradually fleshed out Boanna more as a character and less as 'eye candy' :)

PEOPLES I NOW TAG (although you don't have to feel privileged to do this if you don't want to ^^;)

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